Friday, January 11, 2008


On Monday I received an e-mail from the editor of my home town newspaper, The Bridlington Free Press. Bridlington is the nearest town to my village of Flamborough on the East Coast of Yorkshire. It is from my village's name that my blog "Flamblog" was derived. When I set up this blog a year ago, I also set up one through the Bridlington newspaper called "Homesick For Flamborough". This latter blog was to cover my memories and feelings for that tiny community. I've been writing it for a year and received very few comments to the point that I wondered if anyone was reading it. But I soldiered on.

So when the editor wrote last Monday (5 days ago), and asked me for information and photographs as to who I was and how I got here in San Diego and what were my connections with Flamborough, I was happy to tell him. In his e-mail he said that they put out out a quarterly magazine called "Quite Simply...Flamborough" and they were thinking of featuring me (ME!) in their next magazine. I wrote back and asked how soon they needed the information and photos. The reply was SATURDAY!

My computer was humming for the next few days! I got the article finished and also sent a couple of old photos of where I used to live.

Tonight I received another e-mail from the editor. They are going to use three of my pictures and "half of the copy" I sent, across two pages of the magazine with a "to be continued" at the end, using the other half in the next issue. Then he said he thinks my articles and pics will be a great regular addition to the magazine. "Regular addition..."? Does he really mean that? I can't tell you how excited I am! The magazine will be out in a few weeks.

This was where we lived all those years ago. The first photo shows Flamborough Lighthouse, the Old Lighthouse, and our black and green home on the cliff top.

The second photo shows what is left of where we lived, as it is today -- a large patch of brambles bordered by the white cliff top path to the left....sorry: to the right. Never did know left from right!

The Free Press which also covers the small communities around Bridlington contacted me when we had all the fires down here in North County
(the fires made world headlines at the time). Consequently they published a piece in the newspaper using quite a lot of my observations in their resulting article. I was quite honored that they would do so! Check my blog posts on October 23 and November 4th for these details.

So at 70 years of age I start out on a brand new career --well almost -- but it's fun and exciting.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you - you never know who is reading! Sure hope this turns out to be a positive experience and brings lots of feedback!!!

kaybee said...

So happy for you, Chris! Your patience and perseverance is being rewarded. I do hope you end up being a regular contributor!

Kahshe Cottager said...

How exciting for you! It sounds like an experience you will enjoy.

Thanks for dropping by my blog ... doesn't it sometimes seem the world is a smaller place than we think? I live in Toronto (although I didn't grow up here) and taught here for 34 years in various schools. I remember Yorkdale in the 60s as a rather exotic place to be!

mrsnesbitt said...

Gosh, how exciting! If you need any new pictures taking give me a shout and we'll do the honours.

Thanks for your comments re Ralph's Cross. Have put the story on my blog!