Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Technical Problems

We are having electrical problems at our house, so I may not be able to post for a couple of days, but stay tuned...hope it doesn't turn out to be something major, but since the lights have gone out in one half of the house three times in the past month, we need to do something to fix it. I have the computer hooked up across the hall and into the other side of the house at the moment. The house is 40 years old so who knows what might be the problem!! If all goes well I should be up and running by the weekend.

However, there is a major winter storm heading our way --HAH! That means maybe an inch of rain or so by Monday. North of us will get the brunt of it. (Look out Wanda!). We get one full day of rain (Saturday -- with showers Friday and Sunday) and the sky is falling! We had about 7 inches of rain last year all told. Normal is 10 inches.

Whatever will Henrietta do? Yes, she is still here. She has made a kind of nest in the ivy by the patio and her dining room is the little garden outside the den. I believe she still roosts in the olive tree. She'll be fine with all the other birds.

Just in case you think I'm the only one in our house who talks to animals, take a look at this........

Oh, and I am coming up to my 1,000 visit since October 17th! WOW!

See you soon.


kaybee said...

Love that photo!

Wanda said...

I have a greeting card of a humming bird and a cat looking eye to eye...this darling photo remined me of it.

Too Cute!!