Tuesday, January 15, 2008

While We're on the Subject of Cats...

This cat tree has been in our house for over a year now and Bailey never went on it, even though we tried to coax him. So finally we gave it to Glyn for his two cats. He hadn't got it in the door 30 seconds and his cats were on it. That was a week ago. Here you see, they have taken possession!. Top cat is Josie and the lower one is Cleo. Their position on the tree is definitely their pecking order.


Speaking of pecking order, the scrub jay is visiting every day. He's really quite a sharp looking bird. His blue is definitely blue. But he always announces his entrance with that awful
harsh squawk. So I can be at work on my computer and still hear him coming. But today I was out on the patio reading when he announced his coming.....(Whisper...Dare I say it... the temperature was 75 degrees and yesterday.it was 80 degrees!!!)


kaybee said...


I think I will start calling myself something like: "Brrrr-in-Toronto" or "Teeth-Chatterer."

Anonymous said...

I wish pet stores would allow us to 'test drive' cat equipment! Just drove to Calgary and back - good weather all the way once we got away from the blowing, drifting, snowing, icy roads in this area!!
We also entertain noisy bluejays and magpies!!!

Wanda said...

What great pictures. We had a cat tree once, and our cats didn't like it..so I gave it away.

kostas said...

Him I did not wait for to see also tree of sleep for the cats. Very beautiful and practical.

Werna Gail said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I just got caught up on yours. WOW you are a publisher!!! Of course I love all the stuff about cats and I think your little hen named Henrietta (which was my mothers name) is so cute. Yes the snow and ice is very pretty but I'll stick to north Fla. thank you very much.