Sunday, January 27, 2008


I went down to the beach again this afternoon to watch the weather. The skies were spectacular and there were bands of heavy showers that kept passing over. I was there for two hours.

Then towards sunset the sky brightened, but there were still plenty of rain clouds to the south, and coming our way.

The pelicans were flying south all afternoon -- lots of them. And then this evening after dark we had more heavy rain. Some trees down in San Diego. Winds were strong for us --maybe 30mph. But the temperature was still 61 degrees most of the afternoon so I didn't freeze.


Gail said she would like to see the whole of Michael's quilt, so here it is, back and front. Not too well photographed I'm afraid but I think you can get the idea.


Werna Gail said...

Great photos of the beach and sky. my favorite is the next to the last one where the sky got lighter,
what pretty clouds.
Thanks for the full shot of the quilt. What a lovely thing for a student and mother to do.

Wanda said...

Beautiful pictures today! That quilt is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I love stormy skies! Great photos - thanks for sharing them........

kaybee said...

Your photos are amazing, Chris -- really beautiful, stormy skies! We have a wind warning for overnight -- gusts of up to 100kms per hour, with 'sub-artic temperatures' -- what a winter we've had -- and it's not over yet!

That quilt is so precious - very unique!