Friday, September 5, 2008

Just Flamborough Memories

Response to William Self of the New York Times

You went the wrong way Mr. Self! Oh, I know you wanted to see houses falling into the sea but that’s just sensational. For the inspirational, walk the cliffs from Flamborough Lighthouse to Reighton Gap. That means, going north instead of south There isn’t anywhere in the world as spectacular, enthralling or just plain beautiful. I do know what I’m talking about because I lived just a stone’s throw from the lighthouse as a teenager. I tramped those cliffs where narrow footpaths snaked only a foot away from the edge of the cliff and a 300 foot drop to the rocks below. I’ve scrambled up and down to the beaches and explored the numerous and monstrous caves.
My home was the old Flamborough Head Golf Club, no longer there, (not because it fell into the sea, but because there were some who thought it might). My bedroom window was located about 12 feet from the cliff top path to North Landing with a wonderful view of Silex Bay’s rocky shores and punctuated at night by the constant blip of the lighthouse. And when the sea frets rolled in, the old fog horn blared out into the darkness with a determination that was nothing like the wim
py electronic wails of today’s warning sound. We were so used to the roar that we just rolled over and went to sleep again. Our home plot is still there 60 years later and not an inch closer to the ravenous North Sea.
Oh, you really missed something grand when you took the wrong road, and let me tell you, the road you missed made all the difference to me.


claude said...

I have the feeling you are angry, Chris !

Jose said...

You tell him Chris.

ChrisJ said...

Claude: No not angry. Just passionate. Also sad that Flamborough got into world news for the wrong reasons. Sorry if I sounded angry, it's the school teacher in me. Just emphatic!

Jose: I guess he needed telling, Jose. All that way and he missed the good stuff.

Wanda said...

Your passion is what we need in our lives, our churches, our homes, and in the White House.

I thought this was an extraordinary piece, and I feel I know you a little better because of it.

LOL:) Wanda

Shammickite said...

Can you post a link to whatever was said about Flamborough?