Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An Explanation

The Explanation:

For those of you who are not familiar with our dry warm climate, I think I need to tell you that fleas are a fact of life down here. You can pretty well say that if you have a pet you WILL have fleas somewhere, sometime and much more often than anyone would like. The problem is that it doesn't get cold enough in the winter to kill them off and since we get no rain in the summer (actually for about five months) they don't drown either! I think most British readers would be shocked to admit they had fleas in their house. Fortunately Bailey is now just about flea-free. One dab of Advantage or Frontline to the back of the neck and they are taken care of for about a month. Bailey, an indoor only cat at that, is much happier and less antsy than he was two nights ago and so am I!! I will treat the window thresholds and we should be fine. I must say it was a rude awakening. We've always had indoor/outdoor cats before, and fleas were a fact of life. I didn't think of Bailey's attachment to the sliding glass doors being a problem. In addition to which we have barely had half our annual rainfall so it is drier than usual. And guess what!...I got the last packet of Advantage at the vets. I guess it is a bad year for fleas.

Another Art Miniature:

Celtic Variations.

STOP PRESS: No tree rats last night either. I changed the kind of seed.


mrsnesbitt said...

I am enjoying your ATC's Chris.
Re your comment re doorways..
have you checked this out

If you check out, type in my name & search, there are a few of my doorway pics from the area.

kaybee said...

I was wondering how Bailey managed to get fleas, since he's always indoors -- now I understand!

Another great ATC!

Betty F said...

Fleas are a fact of life. I remember when we first moved to Murrieta, we were pleased to learn they were rare there.. Not so when we moved away.
Glad Bailey is feeling better.
Pretty funny that rats have a seed preference!
I really like your drawing

Jose said...

Chris, my daughter and Wanda are banding together to see if they can convince me to have a pet. So far, no luck he, he, he. I love animals but don't know how to take care of them and I rather go without pets than having a suffering one. Now I just get my pet fix by comming to your blog, lol.