Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Tale of a Tail

This is my big, beautiful, blue-eyed Bailey-Boy, who is so sweet and gentle and never bites or scratches. Some of you have met him before. Well I met him yesterday in a way that I had NEVER met him before!

Yeooowww!! -- that's Bailey! Owww! --that's me! I accidentally stepped full weight, (but no shoes) on his tail. Poor boy! He shot off and moped under the kitchen table for the rest of the day. After checking on him, I could see no harm done, then I saw the blood dripping down my leg. I cleaned my wounds very thoroughly. No big deal! Just a cat bite, I thought -- well, a LARGE cat bite. He weighs almost twenty pounds.

This was the bite this morning, when I thought it would probably be OK. Sorry for the rather unsightly view of my leg. You're supposed to be looking at the bite any way!
Look at the size of that bite!! Two front fangs, two inches apart. I told you he is a BIG cat!

But by noon that bite was looking like this!

So right after I had taken my Bible Class, I went to the doctor. He told me that there is only one bite worse than a cat's bite and that's a human's bite.

So on to anti-biotics I must go. Oh no! Can I please have a shot instead? I'd rather have a shot than take antibiiotics which will just make me feel sick all week.

Sorry, no can do. A shot dissolves into your system too quickly and a cat's teeth are so sharp that any infection goes down deep into the wound and the infection would just emerge later, even if I did think I had cleaned it really, really well. Then they would have to cut it open to get out all the infection.

Ah well! Antibiotics it is. Yuck!

So hereby endeth the Tale of a Tail.


claude said...

Oh ! My God ! I hope your leg is better now. cat's bites and scratches are always dangerous.
About my raspberries, We ate a lot of them and almonst everyday fresh with sugar. A day I picked about 2 pounds rapsberries I put in my freezer. Two days after I picked up alot again and I cooked jam with about 4 pounds of fruitsand more a little bit.

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Thank you for visiting our blog. I took the time to go through yours and I must say I love your drawings! Do you sell them? And of course Bailey is such a handsome boy! One of my cats bit my arm once and 24 hours later I was in the emergency room hooked up to IV antibiotics, given a tetnus shot and went home with more oral antibiotics. Next time immediately to the doctor or ER!

Peggy, mom of Laila and Minchie

Estorbo said...

Loogh afthair yourself ChreesJ! We bide bad! Thad ees whad I weell do to thad raccoon. I weell sen' the had to you...

Ken said...

The thanks we get for feeding, petting and loving our animals. I hope it looks better soon.
You have my permission to draw the church door. Thanks for asking.

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness, Chris..... I can't believe how angry that wound looks.

So glad you went to the doctor. I'm sure Bailey feels just terrible, but his tail... oh this was a tale of a tail!!

Hope you don't get sick on your meds...

kaybee said...

Look at those eyes -- it's as if he's saying, "I'm sorry -- but you hurt ME too, you know!"

Hope it clears up soon -- looks pretty nasty.

RuneE said...

That does not look pretty! Maybe you should have had a shot of anti -tetanus too?

Glad to hear you got a passage with "Hurigruten". I can't guarantee you the weather, but I can promise you an exceptional voyage! Just let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you. After all, it starts where I live.

Jose said...

Chris, if you post it for a second my "Google Readers I follow" will retain it, so even if you remove it from your blog the Google reader keeps it.