Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Left Over Photos from March

I will be gone for a week visiting my son in Boise, so don't forget me. I hear they had 50 mph winds and snow last weekend. It is in the seventies here. We must love our son a LOT!

These are the best of the photos I have left over this month that didn't make my blog yet.

More ice plant but instead of the masses of vivid purple, these are bright, bright orange. They just about glow and the camera doesn't do them justice.

We call this the tulip tree. I don't think that's the right name. The flowers are a dark red and appear before the leaves. It was getting dark when I took this photo outside the high school. Sometimes you just have to take the photo when you can because you're never sure when you will get back again.

This didn't come out quite as well as I would have liked. Barry called me out to see the new moon. It was just a thin sliver, lying on its back. Really very pretty. In England we used to say that when the moon is on its back, we will have snow. Don't think that's true in Carlsbad!

I said I would outfox those mourning doves. So here it is. A canopy, low over the bird tray but not so low that the little birds can't get in. Well I thought I'd fix those doves, but this morning there were two in there, so I may have to lower the canopy again. Above are two doves and a squirrel on the ground.

It has kept the scrub jay out, and he still has his suet and anything on the ground that the doves and the squirrels don't get. We have a pair of scrub jays now. Between them all the ground feeders are eating me out of house and home so I'm hoping the little birds have enough left for them on the tray.

This is one of Bailey's favorite games. It's an upside down empty computer paper box. His paws just have room to grab what is going by. Better keep your fingers out of the way, though!


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

thanks for showing these. I like them all. :)

claude said...

Beautiful garden !
Bailey make me laugh !

kaybee said...

That's interesting about the moon -- it must have been on its back a lot this past winter here in Toronto!

That sort-of looks like what's left over of Henrietta, in Bailey's paws!!

Jose said...

I like all the pictures but specially numbers 1 and 4. I too think your backyard is beautiful.

Unknown said...

Very pretty colors of them flowers, I got a giggle over the cats paws sticking out. Hope you are having a fun snowy safe time.