Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Come at Last!

No, I'm not talking about spring! I'm talking about my new book. It has taken a whole year to get it published and even now it has some things I'm not happy with. But it is HERE and that is the main thing.

Contact me if you would like a copy of this book of prayers for boys. ($9.00)

Designed and Illustrated by David Koechel.

Sample Pages

Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me

even when I do things I shouldn't.

Thank you for loving me

because that means I can always trust you

to take care of me.

Thank you for loving me

because sometimes I feel like no one else does,

and I feel lonely and unhappy.

Thank you for loving me

enough to die for me.


Computers are marvelous things, Lord.

I love playing all kinds of games on them,

looking up strange facts and answers to questions.

I love to push the buttons, play on the keys

And see all the exciting graphics.

Computers can do just about anything,

they're almost human.

But that's the really marvelous thing, Lord,

to think that you made man

with such a brain

that he can almost make a brain himself.


I've seen some pictures of people

who are really poor,

and I've see the homeless

sleeping on the sidewalk in the city.

They look skinny and sad.

I guess they were starving,

and they'd be cold in the winter too.

I've never been that hungry.

Please help the poor people , Jesus,

and show me how I can help them too.

Thank you that we always have plenty to eat.


kaybee said...

Congratulations Chris! I am so happy you finally have it in hand after all this time. I am sure it is going to be a wonderful blessing to many families and their boys.

The cover looks great!

Anonymous said...

yes please - we would love to have a copy!

Cherdecor said...

Congratulations on your new book! I must tell my friend about it. She was just telling me this past weekend about her grandson who is evidently having learning problems. His parents home school their six children, they are missionaries to Yap, and the other children are very quick to learn. He is twelve years old and she feels that he is depressed.

How in this world did you come up with a book for boys? I think it is wonderful!


sandy said...

Wow Chris, an author!! so cool