Tuesday, October 13, 2009


First a word about Joe Cool's Blog -- aka Jose. As the banner to his blog page, Jose has a photo of a bright orange mustang almost identical to the one below. Now what are the odds? Jose lives in Arizona and I live near San Diego. A few weeks ago the car below was parked on the street we take to go to church. It is not always there and a few times I passed it but didn't have my camera -- but I thought of Jose. Finally I got this photo yesterday. Check it out at Joe Cool's Blog Almost identical! Now, Jose, I will draw and paint this car for you, because you have been asking for one of my paintings. So give me about a week -- we have a celebration coming up this weekend which will cut into my time.

Also, just a note about the white crowned sparrows which have now returned to our location. According to all the bird books I have, they do not migrate, but I'm here to tell you that ours do -- or at least they go somewhere. They all disappeared from our area in April and they all came back last week. And this one very obligingly ducked his head at the waterfall so that we could see that he is indeed a white crowned sparrow.

(These are short verses of Scripture that have meant a lot to me over the years, with a brief comment as to why.)

"In the beginning was the Word... and the Word was with God and the Word was God....and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us..." John 1:1,14
These words tell us just who Jesus Christ is. I like to explain it this way. If I were to stand before you and talk to you, and if my words were able to take shape and form into a human being beside me, (shades of science fiction here!) that human being would be me, because they have come out of my mouth, from my thoughts and my heart. They would be the very essence of me. So it is with Jesus. He is the living, breathing Word that has come from the heart of God and taken on the form of a man, yet He is wholly and completely God.

Finally, my plumeria did eventually bloom, only it seems rather late to me this year. They still have blooms but not as many as last year. I must note the date in my diary so I can compare it with next year.



Anonymous said...

a special announcement???? I can hardly wait.............

Morning's Minion said...

Those few simple words of Scripture express a concept that is so big and so wonderful--"wonderful" in the sense of being "full of wonder"--something we can't begin to understand, but choose to cherish.
Birds are so difficult to photograph! Or to identify as I stand with birdbook in hand, reading the variations of each species and trying to see if there is a white speck here or a band of black just there! A nice picture of your little sparrow.

claude said...

Nice car !
Your new painting of your previous post is very beautiful.
My heart is sad at this time because one of my american friends' son is very sick. Julia asked me to pray for him but sorry, Chris I never pray. She knows that. I think about him and his family everyday and all everyday long. What can I do else ?

Rune Eide said...

Those cars are not often seen today - I'm sure Joe will appreciate the painting!

Jose said...

Trust me Joe will love the painting, I know... Oh wait, I'm Joe so definitely I know,

Yesterday was my second day of Bible study with my sister and I.m enjoying it.

The plumeria on my photo blog the other day is from my lil sister's house in La Puente, Ca.

Looking forward to the announcement.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the white crowned sparrows migrate through here. We only see them early in the springtime and they don't come back through in the fall but bypass us. I like your post today.