Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Lazy Day

We decided to take our books, camera, binoculars etc. to sit by the beach in front of the condo.

This was our view to the left, looking almost into the sun.

This was the view directly infront of us.

This was the view behind us.

Of course we hadn't been there too long before the chickens came to check us out. for food

I love this shot!
Someone asked us, "You know why there are so many chickens on Kauai?"
"No", we answered.
"Because there is only one KFC!"  came the reply.

Of course the real answer is because most of the islanders owned chickens, and then came Hurricane Iniki.  They were all blown all over the island and now roam everwhere, as free as sparrows.


While we were sitting there, along came two islanders ready to do some surf fishing.

First they studied the waves.

Then they cast their nets.

But we didn't see them catch anything.

As they afternoon faded, a few clouds gathered and a beautiful rainbow spread from the mountains to the sea.

A few sprinkles fell and we scuttled inside -- but we were hungry anyway by that time.

A Great day on Kaua!


Gillian Mowbray said...

Oh - you make me hanker after sunshine and warmth. We're still being battered by rain and gales here. I bet you're not wishing you were in Flamborough now!
Great images, Chris. I especially like the 2 of the fishermen. x

kaybee said...

So that's where Henrietta flew to!

Great photos, Chris -- it looks awesome there! Love the rainbow photo!

Morning's Minion said...

How interesting about the "feral" population of chickens. Your vacation spot looks very restful---why is it so difficult to "rest" when we are at home?

Cherdecor said...

Your pictures are beautiful! We went to Ohahu a few years ago and they raise chicken for cock fighting. Shame on them! Be kind to Henrietta!

Unknown said...

Cherdecor: Henrietta has long gone -- probably for chicken soup. She belonged to our neighbor and kept getting out. Finally, she adopted us, ate bird seed with the birds and roosted in the olive tree, even left us eggs! No-one could catch her until one day the grandparents came up from Mexico. Then one night she disappeared. She was with us for 10 months and I blogged about her frequently. So if you search my blog you will find her there. I missed her so much that when we were in Hawaii last year, I bought a look alike articial one, took her home, adjusted her looks and then set her on the flower pot where she used to sit outside the den window. That's where I sit at the computer, and Bailey joined her there on the inside of the window. I'm sure I have a photo of the two of them somewhere on my blog. It was too funny!

Unknown said...

By the way, the above comment and this one are from chrisJ. For some reason this laptop is putting in Barry's account name instead of mine. Who knows why? I give up. It does what it wants to do!

Anonymous said...

wow - ocean, warmth, breeze, rainbows, chickens, local fishermen, goats, beauty, crafts - what more could a person ask!

claude said...

The last photo is wonderful, Chris !
The chicken looks like Henrietta a little bit, No !
Have a good time over there !

Werna Gail said...

I have never been there but WOW! if I ever get the chance, it won't take me long to pack. Thanks for the great photos.Be safe and have fun, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Anonymous said...

Surely like paradise.