Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New ATC's and Making a Decision

I have been thinking about what to do with all the ATC cards I have been making. I must have about a hundred of them. Last week I took a look at eBay at what they call ACEO's. They are art trading cards that instead of trading, they are sold. I never tried to trade any of mine because I have more than enough of my own paintings. So I am wondering....shall I try it or not??? At the moment they are mounted in two little note books, one to a page. I don't think my 'boys' (aged 41 and 43) will be interested in keeping them when I am gone, so I shall have to give it some serious thought.

These little cards are a very pleasant hobby for me. I can do them while watching the TV. I can use paint, colored pencils, pen and ink and ordinary pencil. I don't want to turn my pleasant, relaxing hobby into something stressful. I will continue to do them whether I sell them on eBay or not, just because I like doing them.
If I do it, I will start in the new year and give myself a trial run of 6 months to see what happens and will probably do most of them in the style of the one below. The other two are just fun pieces, but not any that I think will appeal to others. One thing I won't do is use this blog as an advertisement or offers for sale. My blog is my blog and it's fun. But as MOTH has pointed out, at least if I sell any it will keep up with the cost of bird seed and cat food!!

The Red Barn

Flowers and ribbons

Crystal Colors.

"Open my eyes that I may see wondrous things from your law". Psalm 119:18

The Bible talks a lot about meditation and some religions make it of prime importance. Sometimes we as Christians feel stressed about the idea of meditating and wonder how to do it. I discovered that it is very simple. We just need to sit somewhere quietly and think about the Lord, our lives and what we have been hearing or reading about God. The Holy Spirit will guide our thinking without us having to do anything but just give God our full attention. If one of your children or your husband says "I want to talk to you about something, " you would find a spot to listen and talk back and forth. That's all we are doing when we are meditating.


claude said...

You are very talented Chris.
Very good yur previous post. Nice spider web !

Patty said...

Our one daughter placed some of her items here.
copy and paste it in your browser and check it out. She didn't have many cards made ahead was the only problem and working full time and also taking classes two nights a week, straight from work, and then studying, she didn't seem to have enough time to get any made ahead. You might want to check it out, just to see compared to e-bay. Good luck.

Unknown said...

I myself just started using trading cards since I gotten some for my birthday on October, I discovered at much fun these little cards are to skitch on.

At first I was going to used these cards into some form of an art project. ha ha ha but that all has changed cause I found I like them too much to give them away.

What I been doing is transforming my little trading cards into inspirational little cards if I remember right there are like 72 cards to a deck of inspirational cards for self improvement. I used to tend group therapy years ago for my depression and I do remember using inspirational cards, but way back then in the early 90's them cards were huge.

Unknown said...

Ooops I meant Sketch on.

How come google not yet put in a spell checker for the comment area..one would thing they would by now.

Jose said...

OK Chris, the barn must be for mini horses right? lol

Rune Eide said...

I wist I had your drawing abilities - I need a ruler and a compass for everything :-)

PS Make you own exhibition and change the selection every moth.

kaybee said...

My favourite is the little red barn -- I love it!

I hope you have success selling your ATCs - they are really beautiful!

mrsnesbitt said...

Love these. I have seen collages made from a collection of various ATC's.

(Waved to Flamborough for you last week!)

Morning's Minion said...

I like these minature paintings...there is something so bright and closely focused about them. Color is so important in our lives--maybe that is why I make quilts.

sandy said...

Love them all but especially the red barn one.