Saturday, November 21, 2009

We spent our first day just vegging.  Did a little grocery shopping -- too expensive to eat out every night.  Temperature is perfect.  The wind was a little cool to try out the pool, but very good for sitting on our lanai.  Today we were a little more energetic.  There is a Hawaian Handcraft Fair just down the road, so we went down to take a look.

Lots of colorful fabrics and pretty jewellery.  Just looking -- no buying.  Got to see what else there is first.

Such beautiful colors!

Then we took a drive to one of our favorite places, up near some waterfalls and a river that runs over the road.  We passed two fields of goats.  They weren't there last year. I guess goat's milk and goat's cheese must be popular.  I do like goat's cheese.  The goats were a little timid but I did manage to get a couple of shots.


Everything was so green and lush and many trees and bushes were in bloom.  I somehow think my posts from here will be of many flowers and trees.  This was just one of the many we passed today.  But that is why this island is called the Garden Island.
A special thank you to my sister for her tip about how to load my photos on to the lap top.  Very simple really, but we seem to have no way to resize the photos so they take FOREVER to load on the blog.


Gillian Mowbray said...

Hi Chris - I hope you're enjoying your holiday. Love your colourful photos - a real treat for me here in the UK where we're suffering from storms.
I hope you do try out pen and wash sketching - it's very freeing. I can recommend the Urban Sketchers site for inspiration.

Have fun. x

Morning's Minion said...

The photos are wonderful--so starved for greenery and color here in Wyoming. How clever to get the photos loaded-sometimes we need to be more adventurous!

Rune Eide said...

Oh,well. It is a large difference compared to your trip up north :-)

At the moment it is dark, Hardly any wind (positive), showers of rain and about 5 degrees C. Just right for getting the pre-Christmas spirit...

Wanda said...

Oh I love Hawaii.... We've been there twice and I would go again in a flash. Love the colors!!
Thanks for letting us come along.

claude said...

It is the good and nice life, Chris !

Jose said...

Maybe one day before I grow old I'll make it to Hawaii. Have fun Chris.