Saturday, May 8, 2010

Back from Boise

So off we went to Boise for our annual visit to Son #2, whose birthday is in April.

The good old Capitol Building is a fine historical and political marker.

The weather was not exactly California style -- showery and cold, but we came prepared with sweaters and jackets.  We had highs of 53 F!

This looked kind of ominous, but it missed us and as you can see we were still in sunshine.

I'm missing Bailey, but this little love, Violet -- I call her Lady Lavender -- helped me along.  What a little sweetie she was!  She napped with me Saturday afternoon.

Boise is a blaze of blooms at this time of the year.  Such a beautiful city in the spring time.  This year the snow was still on the mountains around the basin.  But I had to photograph these. I love catkins.  They remind me of spring in England.

Sunday, the sunshine stayed warm enough for our early Mother's Day Dinner. This turned out to be a great photo -- and the meal just as great -- but we ended up indoors half way through.  This was the first time we had met Vicki's parents, so it was an especial treat.
If we had sound on blogger, you would now hear Barry's coughing and sneezing in the background, as I gave my sniffles to him!  I'm generous that way :)


Autumn Leaves said...

It looks like it is such a fun and special trip. It must be hard leaving so far apart from each other, yes? That photo with the dark skies is my favorite. We get that same sky in these parts. And apparently we're getting similar weather too!

Anonymous said...

The meal looks delicious. And I am sure you all had a time. I had lots of catkins too on my oak tree. That fell off and now blows around in clumps. It is frosty here this Mother's Day morning. Cold at 37° F.

Here is the reply to your comment about the dentist with the concentration camp number.

√ Reply to ChrisJ...
I remember this man only because it was my first trip to a dentist and then the astonishing part about his concentration time and how he became a dentist. It is a mind-boggling story for me.

Morning's Minion said...

Spring in Idaho is nearly as capricious as in neighboring Wyoming. We often traveled to Idaho Falls for building supplies, not so often to the Boise area.
Isn't it exasperating that a "cold" so often follows an outing?
That little calico girl-cat looks very dear.

Cherdecor said...

I liked the sky in your pictures and the picture of your family and friends.

The meal looks delicious. What is in the plate directly in front of you hubby? It has red on it. You know me, I am always interested in food.

duopastorale said...

Beautiful photo of the puss!

snafu said...

My mother's family had a cat they called Lavender bag. It got that name because it did not smell exactly of lavender, I trust Lady lavender is not named for a similar reason.