Sunday, May 27, 2012


So this week the topic for our Twinchies  is 'numbers'.  Since my sister and niece are staying with us for a couple of days, I have had this ready for more than a week and since I am going to see my son next weekend I even have next week's  ready!  Now isn't that being prepared?

So my number for this week is the 'unknown number'   )(  the algebraic form of  x , or X

I didn't intend this, but it looks a bit like a Maori mask, I think.

A piece of good news is that I just had another eye appointment and they tell me I can have that cataract removed!  Yay!!  It will happen about mid July and I can't wait.

Now I'm going to have a couple of fun days sight-seeing around town with family.  See you on ABC Wednesday.

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snafu said...

It does look a bit mask-like but a very effective twinchie. Good news about the eye. Regards your comment on another inchie, That is more than I do, but I do recall Mum's sister and their step mum's numbers still.

MorningAJ said...

Oh now that's clever! I was sort of trying to come up with something that wasn't directly a numbr (and pi managed to creep into mine!) but I don't know enough about maths to do it. I love this. and I think the fact that it looks like a Maori mask only makes it better.

Trillian As said...

You were so quick with commenting :-) We have a Holiday therefore I have been a bit late with the original post.

Haven't heard from this number before. I love the zentangle.

sally rose said...

Fantastic zentangle! It does look like a mask, and I love how a somewhat complicated concept like )( became a beautiful design...Wonderful news about your eyes! Congratulations!

Wanda said...

Hi Chris...As I have but some of my painting on the back burner, you are just coming up with one cute painting after another. So happy for you.

This is really interesting and yes, very mask like! I like it.

Also appreciated your comment on lies. I responded in my comments. I now have a reply button that works!!

How nice to have your sister and neice....have a great time with them.