Friday, September 20, 2013



I thought these two photos taken at the same place on the same day within minutes, neither of which are very flattering, were quite funny, but they do illustrate Blowing in the Wind very well:

Two sisters and we look like we have next to no hair because it is 
Blowing in the Wind!

A few moments later, this one isn't any more flattering than the last but at least we have hair!

My contribution to MY TOWN SHOOT-OUT. To see more interpretations which are probably more artistic, please click  HERE


Mersad said...

Well, I also chose hair blowing in the wind, so you're not alone with your artistic presentation! :)

Mersad Donko Photography

Unknown said...

Love your interpretation. Love your sister as I know you do. I lost my one and only years ago.

Ruth Kelly said...

I can see the comparison of the two photos and I've been there. The wind can sure mess up a nice hair do.

kaybee said...

Oh my goodness..we look like twins! I won't tell which one is older!

Love my sister 😘!!

Pauline said...

Love it, Chris. Haven't we all had those moments in front of the camera? A bit of wind can't take the smile off your faces, though.

claude said...

Hi Chris !
When there is a lot of wind or rainy, useless to make any effect of hair.
Or it takes a lot of hair spray for stronger holding power.
Have a nice week-end, Chris.

snafu said...

Two cool chicks! I'm Blown away.

sandy said...

I like the blowing in the wind pic - almost could feel that breeze. We have had lots of heavy breezes up here lately. And, it was cold last night and this morning. Fall is definitely here. Nice to see a pic of you and your sis.

Barb said...

Those pics really are on topic, lol. I'm just relieved neither of you have to wear a wig, lol.