Friday, September 13, 2013


The theme this week is:               RETRO

I'm not sure this qualifies as RETRO enough for this theme:

It is a small tape recorder that I used frequently in my teaching thirty years ago...

 ...and below is a small transistor radio which we used to track tornadoes on when we lived in Minnesota.


Part of my problem in finding something RETRO in my town of Carlsbad, is that there is not very much left that is old.  Carlsbad has undergone a phenomenal boom in the past fifty years.  Our population has more than tripled consequently all the homes and commercial properties are new.  Our one indoor shopping mall was not built until the early seventies.  Our so-called 'down-town' has been re-formed into a cute village and boutique style.
I will admit that it was difficult for me to go searching for something more appropriate for My Town Retro this week, since we have had more dentist and doctor's appointments than usual -- and only one car. If you are thinking, "excuses, excuses", please overlook my inadequacies this time.



Pauline said...

Now there's a co-incidence - I've been using an almost identical tape recorder lztely. After failing to grasp how to use the latest technology I dug out an "ancient" model. Yet I can remember when they were the latest thing! Good grief, I would be the perfect example of ancient these days!

DawnTreader said...

I used to have one very much like it... I still have a couple of cassette players (and one of them can record too) but they're more of the Walkman kind.

mrsnesbitt said...

I remember listening to the Top 10 Hitlist on a Sunday near the shopping square - ear next to my transistor radio!

Mersad said...

I had a tape recorder like that, and I loved it! This is such a great post!

Mersad Donko Photography

Jane and Chris said...

Oh yes....that's retro!
Jane x

Unknown said...

I also had a tape recorder just like that. I have trouble with the new CD players too. So glad to have you with us at FSO.

kaybee said... this evidence that when you downsized, you didn't COMPLETELY downsize?!! (Only a sister could ask this 😀)

snafu said...

A gadget without a Wi-Fi connection. That sure is retro :)