Tuesday, December 24, 2013

CHRISTMAS DAY 2013...Some observations.


Just a Christmas tangle.  This is the first art I have done for a while.  I will get back to it again once the holidays are over.


The Tuesday Bible Study hosted a Christmas Carol Sing-a-Long in the Park's clubhouse followed by Christmas cookies and punch.  This was the first time we have done this and we were very happy to have 50 people attend.  They all seemed to enjoy the fellowship and hung around visiting afterwards.  There were more than plenty of delicious cookies to go around.

This was another Christmas entertainment in the Park last week.  It was preceded by a traditional Christmas Dinner.  Shall I be honest and say, when I saw the ages of the singing ensemble, I was a little skeptical about their talent?  Ten lashes with a wet noodle for me!!  They were fantastic! The room was beautifully decorated throughout and the food was first-rate. There was one lady there who was 107 years old. Just amazing. A good time was had by all.

Below is a poem I wrote more than ten years ago.  I published it on my blog several years ago, but many of my friends who visit now probably haven't read it before, so here it comes again:


Cars and people, slush and mud.
Puddles, splashes, rain and snow.
Noise and bustle, laughs and tears, 
Christmas music, mistletoe.
Merchants worry, mothers anxious,
Children restless – time goes slow.
Frosty, Santa, Rudolph, Grinch,
TV specials – ice skate shows.
Wrapping paper, Christmas trees
Glasses filled with cheer o’erflow...
...Gifts are opened, stomachs filled.
Where did such excitement go?
Where’s the wonder, peace and awe? 
Where’s the time o’er which to pore
The mighty miracle of God made man?
The God-man given, life death to span.
Mistaken jubilation,
His birth to celebrate
Without a thought of cost, rejection,
Spawning death and hate!
Christ’s mass, so sweet and merry –-
For Christ, penurious stall;
Inevitable steps move on
T’wards Herod’s Judgment Hall.
Rejoice!  Ah yes, with reason;
Birth, death, are intertwined.
True Christmas celebration sings,
For Easter is behind!
                     Empty Christmas preparation
                        If all unknown His resurrection!
                                       (Copyright by Chris Jones 2003)

Christmas Berries in the Park


claude said...

Hi Chris !
Wonderful art !
I wish you a very Merry Christimas time.

Mersad said...

Merry Christmas!

Mersad Donko Photography

Wanda said...

Your tangle is so bright and festive..would be a nice note card. You know me...always thinking cards.

Your poem is certainly something to ponder.

We went caroling with our Church last week, and it was such a blessing. Neighbors and Rest Homes.

Love the Christmas Music, and the coral group look beautiful in their festive red and black.

Patty said...

Merry Christmas, hope it's wonderful for you and family.

Leslie: said...

Wonderful poem, Chris. It truly is sad when all some people really know about Christmas is the hustle and bustle of shopping and presents. Merry Christmas!

abcw team

Louisette said...

Wonderfull poem.
。❊ * 。❊ 。 ❊ _█_ ❊ 。 * ❊
_Π_____ (•.•) * 5☆★☆★☆
❊ /______/~\ ( ♥ ) ❊ MERRY CHRISTMAS ❊
|田 田 |門| ( ♥ ) HAPPY DAY❊
from Belgium

snafu said...

Looks like a good time was had by all.