Monday, December 23, 2013

X IS FOR . . .

Couldn't be more appropriate or timely 'though definitely obvious.
(But I had fun and learned a little more about designing on Word.) 

You may be surprised in light of past blogs that I am using 'Xmas' but I read on someone's blog that the Greek letter 'chi' that looks like an X was also used by early Christians in place of 'Christ'.
So having made peace with my conscience on that score, I can only add that I think He is much more concerned about the attitude of my heart than me using any abbreviations.

Just wanted to say to all my blogging friends, to all the ABC Gang and especially to Denise (Mrs. Nesbitt) and Roger, so glad to get to know you all and hear all your news and views.  The Lord bless you all.

May you all have a wonderful Christmas or Holiday that includes much loving time with family and friends.

This entry is for ABC Wednesday a wonderful project that was begun by Mrs. Nesbitt and continues by Roger Owen Green.  We are ending our 13th round of the alphabet.  This has been an amazing experience of making new friends and learning many new things. There are so many participants and they all add their own unique contribution with a wealth of information and wonderful photographs.  To see what all the other participants have so conscientiously contributed, please click HERE


Powell River Books said...

Timing sure was right for this letter of the alphabet. Have a great Christmas and happy New Year. - Margy

Roger Owen Green said...

Happy Xmas to you too!

Kay G. said...

People get their knickers in a twist about so many things...Happy
Xmas to you too!

snafu said...

Only just read this post long after a very busy Xmas. Too much to do to follow blogs I am afraid. Grand kids to entertain, spuds to peel, games to play, washing up to do etc. I hope yours went OK, ours went by like an express train full of noise and excitement and gone by in a flash.