Tuesday, December 10, 2013

V IS FOR....


Who... me?

Yes, You!

Nah...I'm just having fun.

But you've only had it a week and it's supposed to be indestructible!

Well I can't help being a tough guy.  That's why they call me Scruffy and not Fluffy!

I like it better without the collar anyway.  Then I can really get my teeth into that stick-thing.  I have a VORACIOUS appetite. 

The batteries are going to run out soon.  Then what will you do?

Then can we buy another one, Mom?...Huh, Mom?...Huh?

Scruffy, you're a Villain!

My contribution to ABC Wednesday for the letter V.  Thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt and Roger Owen and their team of VOLUNTEERS.  To VISIT this fascinating project for more entries, please click HERE


Wanda said...

Oh Chris...you and Scruffy are a hoot. Your fun and witty sense of humor are adorable.

I've seen these on commercials, and this one should be on TV.

Roger Owen Green said...

You can be a HOOT!

Hildred said...

Life's like that!

Hildred said...

Life's like that!

Leslie: said...

Too funny...

abcw team

snafu said...

Definitely one for You Tube. Poor Scruffy, it is not him who is the villain, it is the maker of non-cat-proof toys. Don't they test these things?

MaR said...

Very funny!!

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Chris, thanks for taking time to comment at my blog. Scruffy is a hoot! Loved the little movie, played it three times, once for my hubby, who "converted" to cats after meeting mine. Just a bundle of energy, that kitty. Bless you for posting this, and all the comments underneath are SO cat!! Amy

Barbara said...

cats are so funny the world over.