Saturday, December 21, 2013



This is our first Christmas in the Park.  We didn't know what to expect in the way of decorations in this day of being politically correct.  Our city seems to be more prone to the sensitivities of being PC than some.  We are very happy to see that all the park-owned buildings are beautifully decorated.  These photos are of the bridge over the creek that leads directly to the clubhouse buildings.

The brickwork under the railings in the middle photo gives the impression of snow.  Let me assure it is not snow.  We are expecting a temperature of 74F degrees on Christmas Day! (23C)  Now I know why I love living in Southern California!  We had a total of 13 years living in Toronto, Canada and Minnesota and I'm sorry to tell all you snow lovers out there, I don't miss the snow one bit!

The third photo is the same view as the second photo, only I took the third photo using the flash. I'm not in any way a professional photographer, but somewhere I read that it was better to take Christmas lights without using the flash.  Looking at these two photos, I guess it depends on what kind of a result you want. I like the third photo better because I like the rustic looking fence.

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snafu said...

Nice pictures. Using the flash has givin the last picture a nice fill of the foreground and still includes the lights. Have a good Christmas.

Dartford Warbler said...

Hope you enjoy your first Christmas in California!

GingerV said...

I haven't lived in Michigan since the early 70s, benn back one time in the winter - don't miss it one bit. I also like the 3rd photo. Have a very merry Christmas.

Wanda said...

Merry Christmas Chris. I have decided to not participate in ABC Wed. or Sky Watch Friday in 2014. I need a new direction in blogging or I fear I will give it up completely.

2014 will be more of a personal life journal with a lot of this and that and short posts. I will take more time on my Sunday Meditations and plan on reading through the Bible this year with The One Year Bible. Did it several years ago, and it was a blessing.

I will still be stopping by when you post something new, as our friendship goes beyond ABC Wed..HaHa

Love and Hugs, and loving that Jesus is the CHRIST...the Savior and the Messiah.

J9 said...

I love these shots - too many people have changed to plain white lights, and I find that to sterile.