Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Y is for YOU

Yes YOU !
Without YOU how could we play ABC Wednesday?  You are what makes it work.  Without YOUR effort in finding something interesting to say as well as some thing to show, what would we have?

Then there are the comments.  Your comments are what give the rest of us the impetus to keep posting.  When YOU post a comment, we comment right back.  That's the fun of it all.  I can't tell YOU how many wonderful people I have met through ABC Wednesday and how many fascinating things I have learned just because YOU took the time to participate regularly and enthusiastically.

Apparently in 2006 TIME magazine portrayed their Person of the Year as YOU.  (The gray square was silvered like a mirror).  This was to acknowledge the enormous part that YOU, (and me), the online community, contribute to the internet  by means of blogs, You Tube, Wikipedia and other user generated information pages. At the time,there were some people who thought TIME did a giant cop-out in not coming up with a real person of the year.

Interestingly enough there are still a good number of folk who do not use the word 'you ' in their everyday conversation.  They regularly use, thou, tha,  thy, thee, or thine instead.  This is particularly prevalent in Yorkshire. in the U.K.  The village where I grew up on the coast of East Yorkshire used this dialect.  At school the children soon learned the correct usage of 'YOU' but effortlessly became bilingual , slipping into the old usage of 'tha' as soon as they were at home or with friends.  Because I was actually born in London and didn't move to Yorkshire until a few years later, I never picked up the northern usage, but never questioned that that was the way my friends spoke.  I understood them and they understood my 'posh' English accent usage of 'you'.  In my mind there was no stigma to the broad dialect.  That was just the way my friends talked and it was fine with me.

A common way of expressing their dialect would go something like this:

        "Didst tha remember to bring tha Dad's paper? Tha'd better go gerrit afore he comes           home.  Tha'd forget thee 'ead if it were loose! " 


Now all that is left for me to do is to wish YOU and YOURS  ---

May the Lord bless you with good health, happiness and blessings beyond that which any of us deserve, because He is good all the time.  All the time He is good.

This is my contribution to ABC Wednesday , begun by Mrs. Nesbitt and continued by Roger Owen Green and his worthy team of helpers.  Please visit the many other who contribute to this amazingly successful meme, now coming to the close of its 13th round, by clicking


Wanda said...

Oh Chris...I truly love coming to your ABC Wednesday contributions. They are so thoughtful, interesting and full of who YOU are!!!

This one is terrific!~

Happy New Year to your and the MOTH.

Carver said...

Great take on the theme. Happy New Year to you and yours! Carver, ABC Wed. Team

Richard Lawry said...

An interesting linguistics lesson. Happy New Year to YOU from An Arkie's Musings

photowannabe said...

How delightful, Chris.
I guess my dialect is purely California. Not a thee or thou there...(:0)

Love your blog posts and I am eagerly awaiting this coming year.
YOU are right there on the top of my viewing list.

Happy New Year to a great blogging friend.


Roger Owen Green said...

Still think English is flawed sans a good word distinguishing 2nd person singular and plural. Thanks

Louisette said...

Interesting post.
。❊ * 。❊ 。 ❊ _█_ ❊ 。 * ❊
_Π_____ (•.•) * 5☆★☆★☆
❊ /______/~\ ( ♥ ) ❊ Happy first Day ❊
|田 田 |門| ( ♥ ) New Year 2014❊

Ann said...

Wishing YOU and yours a Happy New Year.

claude said...

I wish YOU a very Happy New Year, Chris !