Saturday, December 15, 2007

Joe, the Scarecrow

This is the answer for Wanda's question, "Did the scare crow have a decent burial?"

Yes, Joe, the Scarecrow did have a decent burial and like the good Christian scarecrow he is, he was resurrected!


Wanda said...

Oh my goodness Chris. What a glorious reurrection!! Even the flowers game to life! You have made my day! I was feeling rather sad for that scarecrow!!
You are so delightful, Chris. Could we not have a blast together?

Mary Bee said...

There are chickens that roam my big city mid town neighborhood too, but they have not found my yard. To many neighbors fat cats have already occupied my yard, so they don't come around. I loved reading all of the on going chicken stories. So fun - for me the reader. I hope you adopt her. I grew up with chickens on my Grams farm. They are fun and free eggs are nice and it dosen't require a rooster even.

Thanks for droping by my blog.