Saturday, January 26, 2008


It's been months since I went to the beach. But with all this talk about the 'terrible' storm that's coming, I had to go down and see if there was anything spectacular to look at.

Hey, Dude! What's up?

Surf's Up!

Storm's coming.

Well so they say. (That isn't blue sky there. It's dark blue rain clouds.)

Two inches of rain at the coast 6-8inches on west slopes of mountains. I don't know...this is the third time they've promised a big storm since Christmas, and they've just fizzled to nothing. They're even saying possible small tornadoes and water spouts, thunder and lightning. Hmmm. I would like that, as long as no-one gets hurt. Something happens to weather once it gets south of Los Angeles. It just disappears. So I'll wait and see before I get excited


Greg C said...

Ours has been just the opposite. The weather man has called for a droght but we have had lots of rain. I think their luck is running out. :)


Anonymous said...

How nice to be able to go to the beach whenever the urge strikes! Mind you, I can do it for 6 weeks!

kaybee said...

I think I prefer rain to snow (within reason, of course) not so hard to shovel!!

Wanda said...

Nice pictures...I love the ocean and look forward to living closer to it in Southern CA. Today I'm posting rain and rainbows.!!