Sunday, January 6, 2008

You Haven't Forgotten Herietta, Have You?

Where does Henrietta go when it rains?
Under the bush with the berries.
(There are plenty of other bushes, thicker and would give more shelter, but she chooses to stay near the food in case the birds should get it all.)

She ignored the little tent I gave her. So, the bushes it is!

You've heard of cat naps, haven't you? Well, here is a chicken nap...

Fat enough for a chicken dinner, I think.

Whoops! Look out, Henrietta, they're here!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a very independent chicken! She should meet ours: survived the slaughter of all her cronies and now lives with the barn cats, eats their food and last night pushed a kitten away from the water, roosts on a metal pipe at night despite the cold. We have not named her!

kaybee said...

How COULD we forget Henrietta! And how could she forget YOU?! She obviously prefers your 'home' to her own -- look how peacefully she sleeps! As long as she doesn't think you are fattening her up for a lovely Sunday dinner -- she IS getting really fat; or is she pregnant???!!! Will the home you've provided soon be filled with many Henrietta-chicks. That would drive Bailey bonkers!

Wanda said...

Oh these are great pictures. I love the napping one, and the little bird that got into the last shot!!!
Very fun post today!!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Thanks for visiting me - I've been slow in coming by. I saw your book on your website. It looks really interesting.
Plan to be back. :)