Saturday, July 26, 2008


I know that for most people and for many of my blogging friends, grandchildren are a major source of joy in their lives. Recently when MOTH was over in Micronesia at one of the island meetings everyone had to stand up and introduce themselves.

Inevitably everyone commented on how many grand children they had. So when Moth's turn came he said "Well I don't have any grandchildren but I have five grandcats!"
I guess it brought the house down!

Pets such as we have pets over here are hardly considered on the islands. It's hard enough to feed the mouths of one's own family, let alone pets. The islanders think it is outrageously funny the way we take our pets to the doctor and to the pet hospital as well as the way some dress up their pets in crazy clothes, (Bailey wouldn't be seen dead doing that!). Even so they could use a good vet on some of the islands just to spay or neuter the number of dogs there are running free!

We have two wonderful sons but no grand kids. I think they must have heard me commenting too often about how I wished people who had children would really spend more time rearing them properly! It takes more than just love and, as has been said, it takes more than "a village". My favorite TV program is "The Dog Whisperer" I think that should be required viewing for all parents and especially teachers, who have to become "pack leaders".

Don't take me too literally but sometimes we take more time training our dogs than we do our children.

That said, I LOVE seeing pictures of your grandchildren. But Wanda's Molly and Denise's Emma I could adopt!! (But MOTH wouldn't let me!)

So here are my grandcats and they are all "calm, submissive"!!! (Quote from "Dog Whisperer") which is more than I could say about Henrietta.









J. Andrew Lockhart said...

they look nice. :) I always like cats, but with 4 kids, I couldn't keep up with more!!

Betty F said...

Beautiful Cats Chris. I especially love Simba.

Wanda said...

Oh Chris I love your Grandcats. Each is darling in its own way. We love our cats, but several of our grandkids are allergic so we have Molly...and she is a doll...Thanks for the compliment on her. I'll tell her!!

duopastorale said...

Nice moggies. I know the King's Singers! In fact I am planning to go hear them at the Proms on August 5th... Blessings!

Kahshe Cottager said...

Thanks for your visit! I know Stouffville quite well - fancy you are so far away now!

Love your kitty picture - Phoebe is has such face with that black patch over her eye!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, one of my dauthers has 11 cats and all have been fixed. Two live in the house and the rest live outside in houses of their own. They are like family.

Jose said...

When my grandkids want money and I tell them I don't have any, they just tell me to go to the little machine (ATM) and get some. I hope your grandcats aren't as demanding. lol