Thursday, July 3, 2008

Henrietta -v- the Squirrel

Henrietta and Squeaky the Squirrel
We now have two or three squirrels visiting our yard because of the birds seed I throw out. They come along like furry vacuum cleaners and inhale everything in their path. Henrietta has taken great exception to this. She already bullies the Mourning Doves and once in a while gives the little birds a peck, just to keep them in their place. However, the other day I heard some squawking and there was Henrietta strutting determinedly down the path towards the squirrel. She attacked first but the squirrel stood his ground, and attacked back. For one split second there was a scurry of feathers and fur and then I could see that they were nose to beak and one was hanging on to the other. I don't know who had a hold of whom but it only lasted a moment and then Henrietta withdrew into the bushes and the squirrel kept on munching.

Squeaky the Squirrel -1 Henrietta - 0

On that particular day we had two squirrels, multitudes of sparrows and finches, one Bullock's Oriole, a Cassin's King bird, Henrietta the chicken, and a rabbit (quite a large one), but when he saw me on the patio he decided not to risk coming any closer.
The word is now out about free meals. I have had to move the seed up to the tray on the feeder so that the squirrels can't get at it.
The Cooper's Hawk came back to look for a tasty dinner, (not my seed I'm sorry to say). He dropped down behind the fence and I walked towards it to get a closer look. Suddenly he flew up to perch momentarily on the fence about ten feet away from me, then swooped off right over my head. I don't know who was more surprised me or the hawk! It is definitely a Cooper's Hawk. I showed my photos to the people at the bird shop, "Birds Unlimited" and they confirmed it. Too bad I didn't get a shot of him flying over my head.

Yes, Henrietta is still with us. Barry offered a bonus to our Mexican friend, Felippe, who comes to clean up the bushes once in a while, if he could catch her. But he couldn't! She runs too fast and flies too high.


claude said...

A battle of feathers against hair.
A squirrel goes often by our garden but he never stops.

Wanda said...

Oh this Henrietta and Squeaky Saga could be a Children's book.