Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Plumerias and Birds

Two winters ago our plumeria which we had nurtured from a six inch stub to a four foot tree succumbed to the winter and we were quite sad.

However, we have some friends who are just great gardeners and he had several plumerias and gave us one last summer to replace the one we'd lost. Great friends to have!. It was in full bloom about three foot high with four branches each sporting beautiful blooms.

I carefully babied it throughout the winter, covering it with a light cloth any night the temperatures went below 40.

It survived and now we have our first bloom with a cluster ready to open on each of the four branches.

The first bloom -- so perfect!

Meanwhile, I woke the other morning to a clunk, clunk, clunking. It was too erratic to be made by a human.

It happened several times through the day. Bailey was quite excited about it. Then I discovered what it was. These two pictures are not the best -- first because I had to take them through the window and second because I need a new camera that can do zooms closer.

Barry had put a pot of flowers on an old plastic planter, shiny gold in color, to raise them up above some other pots to be more showy.

I guess our towhee or his mate find their own reflection fascinating and spend several minutes at a time pecking away at his image until you would think he had knocked himself silly!

Hope you can see him through these rather blurry and dark pictures.


Betty F said...

I see him fine! Beautiful blooms! I love your patio

Wanda said...

So nice that your flower survived.

I think the bird is so cute...He's saying man, I'm looking good!!

claude said...

Plumeria flower is very beautiful and delicate.

Jose said...

That was just too funny. I would have said, "keep on knocking but you can't come in".