Thursday, July 24, 2008


I just finished talking to my neighbors.
I asked them "Did you catch the chicken?"
They laughed and said "Yes. No more chicken!"
I told them I hadn't seen her for a couple of weeks and I thought for sure a coyote had got her.
I didn't like to ask them what they did with her. I'm not sure they speak English too well, but they assured me she was gone. I'm hoping they took her out to the ranch which one of the children told me they owned.

So that is the end of the saga of Henrietta....However, yesterday I saw what I thought was a baby ground squirrel, but when I looked closer I saw that it was red/brown and sitting up on its haunches, nibbling some seed. It had large round ears almost like Mickey Mouse ears. and a long thin tail -- much longer than a normal rat's tail. Of course it was gone by the time I got my camera. I found a photo of something called a giant wood rat on the internet that looked close to what I saw, at least the ears do. But I thought rats only come out at night and this was the middle of the day. Who knows, maybe we will have another saga going on.


mrsnesbitt said...

RIP Henrietta.
Awkward moment Chris for you, but your thoughts as to where she is are a resolution to the situation and need to be thoughts that will give you peace.


Betty F said...

I'm sorry about Henrietta. Never thought a mouse would be cute but this little guy is pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the chicken might not return. I like the looks of the rat but they are problems with rats.

Have a nice weekend,

Abraham Lincoln
—Brookville Daily Photo

kaybee said...

Aaah, Chris! You see these critters are just drawn to you -- they know how much you will love and take care of them. I wonder what MOTH will think of a rat, though!

Wanda said...

Oh my are a magnet for saga's.... Can't wait for chapter two on this one.

My regards to Henrietta! :(

Anonymous said...

We will miss Henrietta - did we tell you of our chicken who survived a great slaughter and spent the winter in the barn with the cats, eating cat food and now looks healthier than ever and produces delicious eggs.....

claude said...

Poor Henrietta ! I am like Abraham I do not like rats !

Gillian Mowbray said...

Hi Chris - thanks for visiting my blog. Re the prismacolours question:
I'm very much self-taught, but what I've found is that unless I'm working on coloured paper, white is only good for a top layer to burnish and give a more pastelly effect to the colours. For delicate white details, I've found that impressing by going over with a graphite pencil on tracing paper will leave the white of the paper when you lightly go over with a colour(a bit like brass rubbing). For other white areas like highlights I go round the edges faintly with the surrounding base colour and that helps me leave white areas, without forgetting they should be there! Hope that helps. x

Jose said...

For a moment there I thought you took that picture. It would have been worthy of a new show called America's Top Rat Model.