Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm Watching You!!

Well, I have managed to enter the world of blogdom!  The hours I spent the other evening figuring out how and if I could visit my blogs from here have produced great results!  The only problem is that my lap top has no photographs from which to draw to post on my blog and I can't get any from my camera to the laptop because we dont have the necessary 'stuff' to do it.

So I shall have to content myself with an occasional piece of prose -- which is not very interesting.  But I CAN comment on all your blogs.  So photos will have to wait until we get home.


kaybee said...

I forget how old your laptop is, but it may be possible that you can take your camera's memory card and insert straight into the appropriate-sized 'port' on the side or back of the lap top. Your photos will then download automatically.

Glad you arrived safely! I am sure you are enjoying the warmth -- we are expecting snow on Friday!

Morning's Minion said...

I approach each new [to me] PC function with trepidation---too often I have done the wrong thing and a document or post has been whisked away. I carry a "mouse" with me to plug into J.'s laptop when we travel, as I am clumsy with it otherwise. If we were to travel much I think I would install the camera software into it, but once photos were uploaded at home into my own PC I could then delete them from the laptop so as not to overload its lesser capacity. At least that sounds like a good scheme! I was surprised, but pleased, to see that you had posted.