Wednesday, September 4, 2013

H IS FOR....


H is FOR...

Here I am again, late as usual.  And I'm going to blame the heat and humidity.  I finally gave in and put the air conditioning on last night.

For almost two weeks now the weather man has been saying we were going to get rain and that the weather was cooling off.  So I kept thinking, I can handle one more day, after all we lived for 40 years without air conditioning and we lived literally only five minutes away from here.

So what has changed?  Well I am 40 years older and these periods of heat and humidity are actually longer than we have had in the past. So when it really became hard for me to think straight (yes, I was drinking plenty of water) and I needed to prepare for my Bible Study, I gave in and enjoyed the air conditioning.

When my sister came to stay at the beginning of August she talked me into doing a LITTLE walking every day. Since then I have continued to walk 10 to 15 minutes each evening. (I have fibromyalgia, neuropathy and vertigo so I have to increase length and time slowly).  Some days I do more, yes even in the heat and humidity because it does cool down quite a bit in the evening.  The consequences are -- I have lost four pounds and I am moving around much better -- and  one day last week my vertigo (actually nystigma) just went away! Something clicked in my neck and it was gone!

,,,and I don't mean that in a flippant way.  It means "praise the Lord" and that's what I mean...first of all for the improvement I've just written about, but also because...our  HOUSE has been sold!  We closed escrow last week after 12 weeks on the market.  It is a HUGE relief especially for my HUSBAND who faithfully kept it looking good during that time and made  HUNDREDS of decisions regarding the sale and its details.

Sorry no pictures this week and perhaps too much personal information but I  HOPE  to have everything back to normal next week .

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snafu said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and the house has finally sold. Sorry to hear about the Heat and Humidity. We are having some unusually warm weather here in Southern England, but it is not unbearable and we have not needed air con since June, early July when it was unusually hot.

jabblog said...

Good news all round:-)

Leslie: said...

You gave us a great picture in words, Chris. So sorry for your health issues, but I have to be careful walking, too. After two back surgeries, I have to stay on flat ground and not overdo it. I hope you're able to continue to do the walking when it's not hot and humid. We've had that type of weather here, too. But Lorne has just had surgery and is always cold so doesn't even like the door open or the fan going. I'm dying of heat and humidity and have started to hot flash again! Bah!!! lol

abcw team

photowannabe said...

Well, I say Hallelujah too.
Wonderful news about your house and super wonderful news about your health. Keep it up. You encourage me to restart my walking too. If you can do it with fibromyalgia, I can do it with ostioarthritis too.
Great post and it's never too late.

Carver said...

Heat and humidity can be so draining. I'm glad your house has sold and that you're feeling better.

Roger Owen Green said...

The heat left here in the last day or so, fortunately. Now I need gloves to ride the bike in the morning!

Stay well!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team