Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beautiful San Diego Bay

Still no sign of Henrietta. I think she has really gone this time. My main hope is that the neighbors reclaimed her and that she didn't come to a nasty end.

We went down to San Diego last week to Tom Hamm's Lighthouse for their famous lunch smorgasbord. We took our friends of many years who are retiring this month and are taking their RV around the country, as many retirees do. They have been planning for this for a long time, but of course they hadn't planned on the gas prices!! So they will do just half their trip for the first leg of their journey.

But then again, why do we need to leave San Diego? It was a gorgeous day. Summer in San Diego is 75 degrees most of the time and usually not too much humidity.

Beautiful San Diego skyline. The Coronado Bridge is mid-right almost lost in the skyline, behind the aircraft carrier.

Just enough breeze to practice 'going round the mark' for these little day-sailors.

See that bank of grey cloud above the horizon (which is actually Coronado Island)? That is what keeps our coastline so cool. It comes in most nights and the temps drop into the sixties. We don't bother with air conditioning. Have to wonder why any of we San Diegans go away for vacations!

By the way: I spell 'grey with an 'e', the English way, because I think it looks better. Sorry. No other English-isms for me, except I simply CAN'T use 'gotten'. My English teacher would turn over in her grave!!


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I haven't been to San Diego in 25 years -- love to go back. It was a beautiful place and I'm sure it still is.
Sad about the chicken. :(

Anonymous said...

San Diego is still the big Navy Base place? I have heard a lot about it but never been there.

Betty F said...

I love these photos Chris! I agree about not leaving San Diego. While working in Phoenix, I knew several people who'd rent vacation homes/condos for a month or two in San Diego each summer. San Diego is not so very far from Phoenix and the weather is amazing! We enjoyed our weekend weather in Temecula this weekend.

kaybee said...

Well, Chris, I know you will miss Henrietta -- but I bet MOTH is secretly (maybe not so secretly) pleased. No more 'picking up' after her!

Lovely photos of San Diego. I remember having fish and chips on the harbour there with you and MOTH many, many years ago. Not as good as English Fish and Chips, but it has probably 'gotten' better over the years (Sorry -- couldn't resist!)

Wanda said...

Yes, San Diego is so lovely! I need to go visit my daughter soon and walk on that beach and have lunch on the pier.

Jose said...

Only been there once a loooooooong time ago. I do want to go to Sea World at least once. I used to go to Marineland once a year until they closed it.